• Blocking does not constitute a team contact.
  • There is no center line; a player may partially or completely cross to the other side, provided that this does not interfere with the opponents play.
  • When blocking, a player may touch the ball beyond the net, providing that this does not interfere with the opponent’s opportunity to play the ball.
  • You cannot block or attack the serve.
  • When a ball is driven into the net and causes the net to touch an opponent, no fault is committed.
  • Any first ball over can be double hit.
  • When 2 teammates touch the ball simultaneously, it is considered one contact, and any player may make the next contact.
  • A player may contact the ball with any part of the body.
  • The ball must be contacted cleanly and not held. The ball cannot roll or come to rest on any part of the body (not including rec).
  • Overhand passes of the serve are legal as long as it is clean
  • If the ball touches the net on the serve and goes over, it is still in play.
  • While serving, you may not step on or over the line until after the serve is contacted.
  • Rotate first serve the first two games, and then for the third game, the loser of the second has the choice of serve, receive, or side.
  • Back row players may not hit nor block, but may come up to set (exception is 4-person leagues). The server is always considered back row if playing with 4 players.
  • Substitutes must enter to middle back.
  • For safety reasons, you cannot enter the adjacent court to play a ball, unless the court is not being used by league play.
  • Play 3 games to 21, rally scoring, win by two, cap of 23. The 3rd game, switch courts once either team reaches 11 points.
  • Please be warmed up and ready to play at start time. If you are waiting for a player, play with the people you have and rotate the player in when they arrive… you must have a minimum of 4 players in sixes, and three in fours.
  • There should be only a three minute break between games. Everyone should be responsible in keeping the matches at around 50 minutes.
  • All players must sign roster sheet.
  • Rosters must be in prior to the first match… rosters are kept at the courts and additions can be made at later times. There is no limit to players on the roster.
  • A player must play a minimum of 2 matches to be eligible for the tournament. Tournament director has final discretion on “ringers” brought in just for the tourament.
  • With no refs, honor calls must be enforced. Any disputes should simply be replayed. Any further dispute of rules or conflicts should be cleared up by league director (normally Gary).
  • No inter-league subbing downward, or inter-league ( a rec player may sub on a inter. team, but a regular upper player can not sub on any lower team.. and a lower player may not sub on a rec team. Also a rec player cannot sub on another rec team from the same night, etc).
  • Forfeits: 10 minutes late, first game. 20 minutes, match (if you know you cannot make it, please call Gary at least 1 day prior to play (212-9831))
  • If your team has to forfeit a third match, you will be removed from the schedule. No exceptions.
  • Captains must make sure the number of games won for each team is recorded before leaving. If the match results are unrecorded, BOTH teams will be given 3 losses until the results are reported. This is to prevent the losing captain from purposely not recording results hoping the winning team forgets.


  • Either sex may play the first ball over, however, if a team uses more than one hit, a female must contact the ball.
  • During regular season play, any mix of players is allowed, providing there are not more than 3 men on a side.
  • Tournament play only:  You may not have more men than women on a team in all leagues. Please do not wait until the match is over to try to enforce this.


  • Underhand serves only. No backwards, sidearm, or overhand serves allowed.
  • You do not have to bump the serve.
  • Ball control and net violation rules are pretty lax; only serious violations are called. If you have a problem with this you should join a higher league.


  • Due to no refs, open hand dinks are allowed.
  • There are no rotations except for serving.
  • 2 man teams can play, but it is considered a forfeit, unless the other team’s captain agrees.


  1.  All beverages are available on site. Please support Netbinders with purchases... it pays my bills!
  2. All ages are welcome, must be 21 to purchase alcohol.
  3. Covid rules: Hand sanitizer is at every table, please use before every game. Please stay home if sick.
  4. All play is at your own risk.
  5. All children must be under adult supervision and kept a minimum of ten feet from the courts. Children should stay out of the bar area unless ordering food or water. Please consider a home baby sitter instead... this is mainly an adult bar facility.
  6. All dogs must be leashed and under supervision. If a dog constantly barks, or is not friendly to strangers, please leave him at home. Barking dogs will be asked to be removed.
  7. If a ball hits tree branches but is obviously going out, it is still considered out... any disputes should be replayed. So any ball that touches a branch either is considered out, or has to be replayed.
  8. As a courtesy to the players, all games during the regular season are “50 degrees and over” which means we play only if the weather is 50 degrees or over at 4:30 PM (not just at your game time).  Any lightning in the area, that hours games will be called off. All match decisions will be made hour by hour... please check the NETBINDERS Facebook page often for up to date rain/weather/flooding updates, 4:30 or later!
  9.  No personal phone calls or texts about weather please.